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FUEL – A Documentary About Oil

What are we leaving our children - a truly important question? FUEL is a powerful film that reminds us all that oil is non-renewable. This two-hour documentary about the history of oil, is all so telling about certain historic and political events, presidential activities, brings attention to cancer alleys in areas located near oil refineries, and provides a clear delineation between ethanol, biodiesel, and sustainable versus unsustainable biofuels, plus much more.

Join Josh Tickell an expert in the field of sustainable biofuels, author, and the film's director, as he takes us on his Veggie Van heart based journey. While Tickell is the real star of this brilliant documentary, he has great support from authors, experts, Senators, producers and celebrities including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Sheryl Crow, Laurie David, Willy Nelson, Larry Hagman, Woody Harrelson, Sir Richard Branson, just to name a few.

The film brings up some thought provoking questions, like what happened to Rudolph Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine at the height of his career, or to the 2.3 trillion dollars that the Pentagon lost track of? Why did Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska deny the oath to big oil company executives during the Senate hearings on oil? Why was Senator Boxer and others silenced when they reputed Senator Stevens action? Why aren't more school bus fleets using cleaner fuels?

FUEL is an amazing educational tool and should be shown in schools across America. The film offers viewers creative technological and biodynamic solutions that some experts feel would help clean water, and the land for our future. The film is not only about the environment, but also about the health of (hu)man, and animal-kind.

Tickell hopes that his film will inspire a new sustainable revolution and reminds us that when the people lead, government will follow. It is important to remember that if we are going to have politicians speak for us, they need to hear from us.

If you are interested in showing FUEL at a school, please contact Watch for special screenings in your area. Please ask a theatre near you to show this inspiring movie filled with education, hope and solutions ... FUEL. Buy Fuel documentary now Click Here.

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