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Guidelines and Submissions

To be eligible to be featured in Eco Family News, applicants must meet one or more of the following criteria, which outlines the Whole Children, Whole Planet and EFN basic guidelines and philosophy:
  • Produce or sell natural health and/or environmentally friendly products at the manufacturer, distributor, or retail level – personal care, food, beverage, cleaning, household, garden, building, etc.
  • Provide sustainable living practices education, or services
  • Offer enrichment learning programs
  • Non-profit/for-profit organizations offering information, and educational services to families
  • Support holistic medicine practices
  • Supply conscious entertainment
  • Offer eco-travel destinations, hotels, spas, retreats, etc.
Accepted products and services include only those without chemicals, synthetic preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, coloring dyes (food or cosmetic), refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavorings, or items that may produce toxic off gassing, etc. There may be other possible restrictions, or conflicting principles not listed on this page. EFN reserves the right to reject inquiries that do not meet our criteria and/or are not in alignment with our philosophy.

How do I submit my information, and/or product?
If you have a product, organization, enrichment program, service, eco-destination, or offer unique entertainment that you truly believe meets our basic guidelines, please email us (from our contact page) a link to your website. Be sure to include your contact information. We will have a look at your website, and let you know if we are interested.

Does submission guarantee a feature?
Based on our evaluation of your website, we may request a sample of your product, or more information about what you do for further review. This doesn't necessarily mean we will feature what you have - what it means is, we would like to take a closer look. All items submitted become the property of EFN and will not returned. We also reserve the right to use any submitted items for possible promotional giveaways at a later date.

Please don't take it personally!
If you don't hear from us after your submission, please don't take it personally. We are very busy and receive many submissions. Currently, we and are unable to respond to everyone individually - our sincerest apologies.

Thank you!
We would like to thank you all for your efforts in providing healthy, conscious contributions towards living healthier lifestyles.

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