Whole Children, Whole Planet 2008 Photo Gallery
All Photos are Eco Family News 2008

Councilman Greig Smith
and Ed Begley Jr

Moms On a Mission - Left to right
Sherry Beall - Host Healthy Planet, Healthy Me
Robina Suwol - Director Calif Safe Schools
and Kristen Stills Executive Producer
Autism: The Musical

Also on the Moms On a Mission panel
was Gay Browne, founder of Greenopia

Marcy Axness, Quantum Parenting (left)
and Betsy Chasse (middle)
Writer, Director and Producer of
What The Bleep Do We Know?

Betsy Chasse

Cynthia McGregor, owner
Greenbaby Gifts with baby Arwen,
and The Aware Show host Lisa Garr

CBS News was on hand for
the opening ceremony.

Highland Hall kids and faculity helped
Green Lotus with all zero waste efforts.

Kitchen Stage host Rachel Avalon
with her Sunday assistant
Samantha Gray Hissong

Sean Stearley, Producer's Assistant,
Danielle Arnos and
Producer Kathy Arnos.

Whole Foods Market had a booth
set up for creative painting next to
their sponsored kitchen stage.

Children were mesmerized
by Penelope's Puppets.

Turtle girl art by Karina
with 'lil works of art.

Staying cool was crucial over
the weekend with a 105 record
breaking heat wave.

Lex Lang and Sandy Fox, founders of Love Planet
Foundation, Kathy Arnos, Stephen and Kristen Stills.

When grand prize Greenbike winner Brandi Levy
is nowhere to be found, LOHAS expert, holistic
practitioner and kitchen stage host Rachel Avalon
steps in and pretends she is the winner.

Dr. Jay Gordon and Dr. Lauren Feder
Answering audience questions about vaccines,
autism and natural healing methods.

Sherry Beall and Ed Begley Jr.
talk about living with Ed

These rare moments with Sherry and Ed were captured, and pulled from video footage - awaiting digital photos.

Ed's wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley, co-star of
Living With Ed, teases Ed from the audience about
his rationed showers (second in from the right).

There was standing room only for
hot topic panels on the main stage.

Meet Brandi Levy and her son Neve
The lucky grand prize winners of the Greenbike.

H2Om – 2008 Water Sponsor
One of the most popular booths of the weekend!

Time for a little music on the grass.

Exhibitors smile, while dealing with the heat!

William Zeitler performed
soothing sounds of the glassarmonica!

Behind the scenes with CBS News.
Kitchen Stage furniture sponsored by Cisco Home.

This way to the main stage!

Interactive Zero Waste station sponsored by Enrichment Educational Experiences, Northridge East Neighborhood Council, Green Lotus Events, Mr. Elle Pooh, Bio Bag and Natural Forest Distribution. Creative contributions by Highland Hall kids, Gema, Linda McManus, Kathy Arnos, Frederick Zimmer and Carmen Abelleira

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